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personal details

Name: Helen Mary Smith
Date of birth: Unknown
Place of birth: India
Date of christening: Unknown
Place of birth/christening: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Spouse: Ernest St Clair Louis Chopin
Date of marriage: Unknown
Place of marriage: Unknown
Child 1: Ernest Ferdinand Chopin
Child 2: Elvira Mary Chopin
Child 3: Mario Rudolpho Chopin
Child 4: Galeazzo Mario Chopin
Child 5: Josephine Marie Chopin
Child 6: Therese Mary Chopin
Child 7: Patricia Mary Chopin
Child 8: Agnes Helen Mary Chopin
Child 9: Frederick Nicholas Chopin
Child 10: Margaret Mary E Chopin
Child 11: Isabella Chopin
Child 12: Winifred St Joan Chopin
Child 13: Cyril Arthur John Chopin
Child 14: Charlotte Hilda Chopin
Child 15: Andrew Chopin
Child 16: Chopin
Date of death: 23 December 1957
Date of burial: Unknown
Place of death/burial: St Peter's West Molesey
Notes: Great person
Reference number: FH0557