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bain or bouin?

In the records so far uncovered, Jacques Chopin gives his parents names as Francois Chopin and Gillette Bain. On the same document, his marriage entry to Jeanne Eluard in Port Louis -1768), he states that they are from the village of Noetfou in Rennes.

many years were spent in trying to trace this mythical village and the outcome of this extensive research was that we finally agreed that the village is infact Nouvoitou. I had discounted this theory many years earlier and was finally convinced by Stephano that not only is the village but also that he had discovered a Francois Chopelin who was married to a Jacquette Bouin. I must admit I was very sceptical about this because it felt like we were making the evidence fit to match the scenario. However, I decided that in the best interests of accuracy and with an open mind, to explore this further.

I found some documents that on their own look innocuous but when placed together look altogether very strange. Take for example one of my discoveries; the marriage record of Francois Chopelin to Jacquette Bouin. You will see that it quite clearly states Francois' parentes as Mathurin Chopelin and Georgette Priue (Mathurin is a family name). But, Jacquette Bouin's parents are given as Jan Bouin and Gillette (Natural). This would indicate that Jan is most likely her father whereas Gillette is the mother and possibly illigitimate (Natural). Since Jacques describes Gillette Bouin as his mother it is possible that she raised him as her own child following the death of his natural mother.

One thing is certain, Jacques was illiterate, not being able to read or write. He left his village and was among some of the early French settlers hoping to make their fortune in Isle de France (present day Mauritius). Relying solely on his memory, Jacques provided the church authorities with the information which until very recently has confounded our research.