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mike's blog

I have to say this!........

Blair rakes it in!

He is supposed to be neutral in his role as the Quartet's representative to the Middle East but is a position that has made him a very rich man. In fact there have been calls to oust him from his £2,000,000 a year job. Personally, I feel hiring a war-monger responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians as a peace envoy, idiotic beyond belief. It sends out a message to all of us here in the UK that crime really does pay! Click here for previous comments.

Cameron's folly!

It is generally reported that David Cameron has invited an American to advise us (the British) on how to police our country. It beggars belief that an American ex-police officer can provide an insight into gang management when New York, from whence he hails, has over 400 gangs! I think we have enough gangs in the UK already Mr Cameron. It has also been reported that Mr Cameron has ordered a boxed set of CSI Miami and a blow-up doll to provide advanced training for the UK's forensic service! Well done David, you have just told the world how abysmal we are at policing in this country! Maybe he'll introduce a firearms law making it right for every person to own a gun too.

The US Legal system does not mean Justice

Many of us in the UK believe that Abdel Baset al-Megrahi the so-called Lockerbie bomber was a sacrificial lamb and I am ashamed that Cameron has pandered to the US whims by stating that he should have died in gaol. I am also gob-smacked that he referred to Great Britain as a junior partner to the US. David! we are partners to no one and a Junior partner to a war-mongering nation, that abuses human rights, has legalised torture and kidnapping is beyond belief. How can we call the US a special partner when they financed terrorism in the streets of London? Are people's memories so short?

The CIA swamp the UK with false trails to confuse MI5

Baroness Manningham-Buller DCB said that the UK intelligence service was swamped with so much information about terrorist activities. Since we are aware of where the information originates it would seem to be a deliberate attempt by the CIA to confound the British Intelligence Service. With friends like that who needs enemies? or is this what they call the special relationship?

Obama two faced politics?

Well not only is Obama acting as judge, jury and executioner he is also demanding over 20 time the compensation provided by Dow Chemicals for the disaster caused by the then Union Carbide.

As one Union Carbide executive put it $500 is a good deal for an Indian - so lives were lost and people suffer to this day for what is arguably the worlds worst disaster (and caused by a US company). Meanwhile Obama bleats on about the oil spill. So much for fair play and justice, it's really another case of the US bully-boy diplomacy.

Obama running out of steam?

As a nation renowned for its interference on the world stage, Yes I'm talking about the US, it really defies belief that they could call for intensified sanctions against Iran for failing to comply with the UN resolutions on Atomic Weapons/Atomic Power. It is after all, OK for Israel to continually contravene UN resolutions regarding the illegal occupation of Palestine. Once again it's a clear case of changing the rules to suit.

Terrorism is bad we all agree, yet the US space race couldn't have got off the ground (literally) without Nazi help.

You must not assist terrorists except if you are an American financing the IRA - yes you Americans managed to blow up many targets on mainland UK through your financing of the IRA.

Now Obama blusters wildly about the plight of BP - ignores the damage caused by Katrina, winges on about the oil disaster and completely ignores the Israeli piracy - God! the man has about as much backbone a week old piece of lettuce.

Bush didn't have two brain cells to rub together, Obama has a complete lack of moral fibre ... We had Grumpy, and now have Dopey ... who's next? Sleepy? that sounds like a safe bet.

Israel does it again!

One international law for the rest of the world while Israel makes up the rules as it goes along. Yes I'm talking about piracy on the high seas. I am sure that most people (except Israelis) would consider a massive task force of special forces in full combat gear and armed with live ammunition not to be a friendly 'do drop round for tea and biscuits' affair. The very act of boarding any vessel on the high seas is an act of piracy and the crew are expected to defend against it. The crew remained remarkable restrained given the circumstances.

Once again the US, who incidentally finances such operations with their massive aid program, was predictably completely non-commited about the whole affair. In fact the only commitment we get from the US is its interfering with other nations who do not fit into their singular point of view. Meantime Obama postulates wildly about the oil pollution in the gulf while the southern states still languish in the fallout from Katrina. If anything, the pollution may well help fish stocks since it is well known that 80% of a fisherman's catch although thrown back for reasons of size, is thrown back dead. So here's to the 80% saved, go forth and multiply.

Israeli developmen!

No! I don't mean intellectually, in fact the opposite! After all it can't be intelectually challenging to the Israeli people to see that their government (In contravention to International law) in sanctioning development in Jerusalem is not very conducive to the peace process. No one can ever accuse the US or the Israelis as being peace-mongers.

Brilliant Clare Short!

At last - someone with the guts to stand up and speak the truth - Clare Short should be the next PM no kidding. We all knew what a deceitful, devious bully Tony Blair was and now we have it in public - next step an impeachment for this ex-PM? I really hope so lets put a bit of honesty back in politics. Clare it's time you joined the Liberal Democrats- that would really make Britain great once again - Oh yes Clare, Well Done!

Scotland the Brave

At last a government willing to stand up against the axis of evil that is the United States of America. At last someone who is prepared to stand up and confront the bully boys who dare to interfere with our legal system.

If you think that’s a bit dramatic, then consider this, “I agree … 85% of the arms supplied to the IRA are from the US” (James Callaghan – Prime Minister). If the US must pursue terrorists then they should look to themselves. Americans wouldn't know compassion if it came up and slapped them on the chops!

They know how to interfere, just look at the Reagan/Bush administration selling arms to Iran with the profits being diverted to the fighting in Nicaragua and on top of all that Bush pardoned everybody involved in the scandal.

But it begins much earlier than that, the US reluctant to join WW2 eventually forced to join in managed to steal away many of the top German scientists and as a result produced the ‘Bomb’ and put a man on the moon (40 years ago). The great nation demonstrates that collusion with the enemy (provided you keep your fingers crossed) is OK. Just as they have shown that kidnapping (extra-ordinary rendition) and torture (extreme interrogation), killing of civilians (including children) and friendly troops (blue on blue) is legal. So I say ‘Well done Scotland’, I just wish we could have done it first. It’s about time that bloody nation was cut adrift. I say three cheers to not having hoards of loud mouthed yanks soil our shores.

Isn't it about time we too, boycotted all US goods and looked to our own commonwealth and our civil European allies?

How about this! The US have a black president yet they vetoed every UN resolution to stand against apartheid in South Africa.

Blood Money!

However you dress it up and repackage it, many of us are inclined to think of Blair's donation to the British Legion as 'Blood Money'. Given the way inflation has gone over the past 2000 years £4.5m is the modern day equivalent of 30 pieces of silver.

Call me a cynic but isn't the going rate for a peerage around the same price? Who says crime doesn't pay, or maybe it doesn't but there is definitely a lucrative market for crimes against humanity.

The end is nigh!

Well the Liberal-Democrats finally did it! The choice was to either, support the conservative part of the coalition in order to maintain their position in the coalition or to maintain their moral stance and reject the bill. By supporting the conservatives, you have in effect, passed a sentence of death over the Liberal-Democrat Party from which the survival chances are zero. If, as you profess, you passionately believe in something, then you should be willing tom sacrifice all to achieve that goal. By submitting to the will of your partners, you have lost all credibility.... Your move Nick! ... Do you feel the paralysis already beginning to take effect???

Gareth Williams

The Coroner states that Gareth Williams the MI6 code breaker was dead before he was placed in the bag. Given that the bag was locked on the outside and that his mobile phone was reset to it's original factory state the day before he went missing and the fact that the flat appeared to have been cleaned seems to bear all the hallmarks of a covert CIA 'sanitisation' job. In fact the pathetic attempts to discredit Gareth as a some sort of sexual deviant are incredible.

If, as we believe that Gareth was placed in the bag by persons unknown and given that the 'sanitisation' of the flat was conducted by the CIA and that MI6 failed to investigate the disappearance of one of its top code breakers, the unlawful killing was most probably carried out by the CIA in collusion with MI6. A black-ops exercise at this level could only have been carried out with the sanction of the US president.

So why was Gareth Williams assassinated by the CIA? Is it possible that he cracked a code that may have had serious repercussions for the USA? Maybe something to do with the Olympics? Why now place stinger missiles in strategic locations, deploy a substantial number of troops and Typhoons in the airspace over London. Finally, the US is to send a 1,000 strong squad which includes 500 FBI agents!

I have to say this!........

How come the Jews sacrificed Jesus and got the Romans to set free the murderer Barabbas? How come we fought to save them from the holocaust? How come we allow them to get away with flaunting international law for over 40 years? How come they are surprised at the response when they attack, not for the first time, a Palestinian? Netanyahu must shoulder the responsibility for all the innocent Israeli deaths a tough price to pay for a few votes! None of us buy Israeli goods in this family, if you want to support the peace movement then you should do the same - never buy Israeli goods, go on holiday to Israel and tell your local MP/Politician that they should ban Israeli imports. Of course the US will continue to provide them with sophisticated weaponry and money but that is only because the Jewish influence strangles the senate and there is not one political figure in the US with the balls to say otherwise. The US is being dictated to by the minority and that is not how democracy should work